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Walter Peace

Conclusion Cultural Landscapes and the Meaning of Place y Introduction o Sense of placeidentity attachment belonging associated with geographic spaceplace o In what ways does the cultural landscape reflect identity o Cultural landscape the characteristics of a particular area especially as created through Human activity o Niagara FallsHow are Canadian and American identities reflected in the landscapes of the Niagara area o Patrick McGreevy The end of Americay Landscapes of Niagara Fallso stark contrasts between landscape on American side vs Canadian side according to McGreevy th Late 19 CenturyCanada vibrant orderly manicured US messy tasteless th Early 20 CenturyCanada gardens Niagara parks commissionUS industry pollution th Mid 20 CenturyCanada Niagara Parkway US Love Canal o The falls on the American side were grossly neglected and looked terrible but the falls on the Canadian side were beautiful bright with flowers and well maintainedInterpreting the landscapes of Niagara Falls y o What factors underlie these contrasting landscapesRole of government y Canadacontrol of land along the river for military purposes easy to create an orderly landscape with public parks control of hydroelectric power developmenty USprivate enterprise and private ownership of land dominant Industrialization y Canadaindustry located further away from Border ex Near St Catherines earlier more rapid industrial growth which was allowed y US along Niagara River
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