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chapter 10

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Walter Peace

The Far North Chapter 10 Territorial NorthIn many ways the challengesissues facing northerners symbolize the nations sense of purposesuggest the course of its future dvlpt Images o Identity o Landscape o Resources o last frontier o sense of northerness o sense of isolation focusboundaries yet image isNordicity Yukon NWT Nunavutpoliticalenvtal tundra resourcespsychological isolation northernessfocusResources energy mineralsresource frontiereconomic focusAboriginal presencecultural 2006 Aboriginal ppltn asof total ppltn Yukon228 NWT501 Nunavut 85 Terr North 517 relative to the rest of Canada o 3 of Canadas ppltn 101300316M 2011 o 5 of Cnds GDP o 39 of Cnds arealargest urban centers 2006 Whitehorse20461 Yellowknife18700 Iqaluit 6184 In the coreperiphery model the Territorial North is a resource frontier characterized by 1 Geographic isolation from world markets 2 Resource dvlpt that is dependent on external demand 3 Potential for resource dvlpt that is limited physical geography 4 Economy that is sensitive to fluctuations in world prices for its resources The Physical EnvironmentArcticsubarcticboundary10 degrees isotherm for Julycoincides approx w tree line longterm effects of global warming o permafrost o sea ice o vegetation
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