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industrial region

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Walter Peace

The Industrial RegionThe Great LakesSt Lawrence Lowlands thWed Oct 19 2011 Heartland a geographic area in which a nations industry ppltnpolitical Bone CH 1 power are concentrated also known as a coreMain StreetCndn equivalent to USMegalopolis BOSNYWASH 2 Area175000 km18 of Cnd55 of Cnds ppltn a concentration greater than that in the core of any other developed nation Yeates 1997 6 of 10 largest CMAs 18 of 33 CMAs 2 Density100 personskm 10x higher than anywere else in Cnd93 of Ontarios ppltn lives in this region 80 of Quebecs ppltn lives in this region Montreal Quebec CityTrois Rivieresof which livesOntarioQuebec together account for 62 of Cnds ppltn mostin the heartlandProblemChallenge of regional boundaries o Text Treats OntQue entire provinces as separate regions o LecturesTreats southernmost parts of OntQue as one regionIndustrial HeartlandTreats the northernmost of OntQue as belonging to the near North or the far North see maps Questions 1 what factors underlie the heartland status of this region 2 What are the impactsconsequences of this type of development on pplthe env in this region and in other regionsHistorical Development of the Industrial Heartland to 18503 sets of characteristics 1 Physicalclimate soils transportation energy 2 CulturalFrenchEnglish 3 Economicresourcestradecreation of wealth The remarkable paradox2 distinct linguisticcultural regions faultline YET AT THE SAME TIME economic unityculturalsocial disunity Toponymsplace names o Upper CanadaCnd WestS Ont o Lower CanadaCnd EastS QuebecStaples theoryeconomic dvlpt linked to export of resources to external marketsHarold Innis The Fur TradeFish fur timber wheat
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