GEOG 2UI3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Transportation Alternatives, High Tech, Neoliberalism

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Originated from the latin word urbs which meant walled town or city. We de ne an urban settlement by looking at the number of people and the density. In canada, an urban area needs to have a minimum population concentration, and a population density. Relative concentration of population in towns and cities. Urban entered regions (cities, towns, and hinterlands) that function as a system. It describes the connected network of towns, cities, and how they relate to each other. Way of life within cities, and how people live. Urbanization brings new ways of living and behaving. Way of life changes due to number of people, physical density, heterogeneity (people who are di erent in terms of race, gender) How cities organize internally, who lives where with who. Complex systems that are hard to capture entirely, but can identify them of a series of fundamental properties that characterize cities.

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