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GEOG 2UI3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Edge City, Deindustrialization

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Robert Wilton
Study Guide

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Cities – Exam Details
December 6th at 4 pm
- content is from lecture 9 Urban systems in transition, October 9th onward
- ch.4 103-118
- ch.5 123-147
- ch.6
- ch,7 (188-203)
- ch.8 217-227, 235-239
2 hour exam, no multiple choice
section 1, 6 questions pick 3, 8 marks each
- Explain the process of filtering in the housing market (6 marks). What role does housing
obsolescence play in this process? 2 marks
- Explain how deindustrialization and the shift to a post-industrial economy have led to greater,
rest on avenue
section 2, 12 questions 2 marks each
- in urban governance, what is horizontal fragmentation
- what criteria does Garreau use to define as edge city
- what is an ethnoburb
Section 3, 12 question, 1 mark each
- compared to north America, European housing markets have more blank housing?
- what is currently the largest revenue source for municipalities
- the existence of multiple ties and interaction linking people or institutions across borders of
nation states, is the definition for what concept
if in doubt, more is better then less for the shorter questions
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