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Sean Corner

History 1M03 Exam Review Fall Semester The Eastern Mediterranean in the Bronze Age Civilization: Societies with certain features, especially a stratified and hereditary social system The Bronze Age This the earliest period of civilization • Copper was used widely tools and weapons Mesopotamian Civilization: • Used the cuneiform, a writing system • As central institutions temples and palaces began to collect goods as taxes, the need for sophisticated accounting practices grew • Gradually the cuneiform evolved into a pictographic system of signs representing concepts into a mostly phonetic system • Writing originated as a way to keep track of goods and labour, and tens of thousands of such records • Kings created empires by conquering cities, and, in boasting of the extent of their territory, they listed the cities under their rule. • Cities were supposed to be founded by gods, and unlike some other societies. • The most prominent public building in the city was the temple, temples were built on high platforms in the city centre • Temples were the focus of economic power in the Mesopotamia city, they funded and controlled irrigation canals and owned large quanti
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