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History 2AA3 Notes Modern Caribbean Spring 2011Dr RankinContact and Conflict Hispaniola Haiti and Dominica was heavily populated by indigenous population Hispaniola had a complex system of chieftainsfought against one anothercan organize themselves into political entity and the leaders had enough power to create armiesSpanish were the first to settleHispaniola became the first center of Spanish in Caribbean It became the base of wider exploration The Spanish left when the Aztecs were discovered on the main landperiod of neglect The numbers of indigenous began to quickly fall Two groups1 Tanio Arawak larger islands More passive2 Carib smaller islands More violent Spanish solidified the difference between the two groups and embedded it in their body of law Contact was originally peaceful but very quickly became violentIndigenous rebellion against the Spanish Spanish victory Those that survived were enslavedSpanish began to impose forced labour Warfare social destruction slavery disease small pox led to the demise of the Native Population History of slavery had its roots in early contact period saw Caribbean as emptythe working population came to see themselves as the indigenous population The Plantation Complex in the Caribbeanth Other Europeans entered by the 16 century Illegal traders laws prohibiting trade with anyone else but Spain The English French and Dutch began trading with Spanish Settlers in the Caribbean Raiding realised that Spain was carrying money therefore attacked their ships for minerals Buccaneers own private advancement but also encouraged as way of challenging Spanish power began making stops on the lesser islands When the settlements became permanent the indigenous began attacking the settlements The indigenous retreat the English also deported them to Central America Most territories were emptied by Indigenous by the time the sugar cultivation started This set the stage for permanent African SettlementthEarly 17 C French British and Dutch colonies established Imported labour from EuropeSugar Revolution experiment with different kinds of crops decided to grow sugar first in BarbadosSugar was being grown in Brazil where they were importing Africans Portuguese kicked out Dutch leaving Dutch with valuable resources and skills many went to Barbados to kick start the sugar industry Barbados kicked starts the sugar industry It became the most populated and wealthy in British Caribbean Most workers were white but there werent enough so they turned to Africa Poor treatment of indentured British set the stage for African Slaverydesensitized plantersSlave Society Structure of SocietyWhites Small portion of population Disproportionate powerformal political and economic power1
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