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Bonny Ibhawoh

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482013 104100 AM Course ThemesWars o The First World War th Serbian Student killed AustriaHungary King 28 JuneMohommad Bazze got fed up of political corruption and killed the kingThese were random insignificant events that had global eventsthey were tipping points of random acts of violenceTwo different events in different placesthe immediate eventshow did ordinary people deal with the warhow did the various parts of the world experience this warwhat did the war led too WW1 Historythe propagandadiscourse of selling warhow conflicts were sold to ordinary peoplemaking people enlist in the army due to the values of that the time o The Causes of WARThematic FOCUS causes course and consequences of the warfrom global perspectivevaried and complex causesdirect causesassassination of Austrian archduke Franz Ferdinandnationalism nationalist passion in the Balkanstho the history of the 20 centaury the recurring theme of greater racial nationalism greater Serbia greater Germany the idea of nationalism was made out of the impedimento the Bosnian 1980s much of the war played out in the Balkans o nationalism was the root of the many educations that lead to conflicto conflict was localized it engulfed the warSerbian Nationalism case study of nationalismdiffuse sense of imperial identity past nationalismpeople with similar ideologies coming together the Balkan war 19121913German nationalismKaiser Wilhelm ii quest for a panGermanic state o nationalism is a two way street peace of violence can being nations together and also break nations apart o one mans nationalism is anothermans separatism Russian panSlavic nationalism Russian ansovietWinston Churchill nationalist passion unduly exulted in the decline of religion burned beneath the surface of every land with fierce if shrouded fires o one thing that triggers it is the perception of nationalism this was all before the league of nations and UNthere was habitual alliances complex system born out of nationalism German soldiers accounts of the warwe had been victorious and the much longed for enemy positionswe get a perception of both points of the battlefield o Prelude to warimperialism imperialistic rivalries stimulated hostilitiesthe Moroccan crisis of 1905Communism playing out in morocco militarism and arms buildupBritish dreadnoughts poison gas as weapon of war o how England came to power maritime strengtho he who controlled the high seas had power o there was an arms build up o where all the rules of war were laid out German Schlieffen plan o military strategy to attack on two frontso if conflict broke out it would be with either France of Russiawas there ever such a plan
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