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Part b review 1914 -1945 (lectures 17- 23) So many ppl join it, its larger. String in factories and what remains of the army. 2) not clear about what it wants in 1917. In the fall of 1917, bolshevik party has strong public debate about what they should do. Discussion about whether or not there should be a coup. Although lenin is the most imp, there are a num. of leaders that have influence. Dont think like lenin; opposed to a coup. While all of this turmoil is going on, bolsheviks benefit from one fact: they are not taking any part in the gov. Not identified w/ the difficulties of the govt. + with the way the war is disintegrating. In the end, the decision to stage a coup was made, b/c lenin threatened to resign and in part b. c the bolshevik party did not want the promised elections to be held.

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