HISTORY 3XX3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Mixed Commission Court, Atlantic Slave Trade, Atlantic Charter

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Tuesday april 17th @ 9:00am iwc 1 (2) Human rights as new concept deeply contested. Lynn hunt: if you want to find origins of hr look to enlightenment. Jenni martinez book: the abolition of slavery and the origins of international human rights laws questions. Hunt"s idea of enlightenment; look at abolition as defining moment. Discourse of rights in abolition had a more universalist appeal. All enlightenment documents had restriction universal brotherhood and humanity that slaves are apart of. Atlantic slave trade discourse resembling current hr discourse already creeping into global consciousness. Different degrees of servitude: pawning labour as a form of debt repayment problematize choice: even if someone agrees to be your slave still slavery. Zero tolerance for slavery comes from atlantic slave trade hr discourse come from enlightenment. Atlantic slave trade movement from below: social movement theory. Slaves were the first abolitionists any form of resistance (passive or active) is apart of abolition. Challenging the status quo counter majoritarian.

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