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Health, Aging and Society
Geraldine Voros

Course Content ILecture 1 Introduction LectureLecture 2 Introduction LectureLecture 3 ExerciseTop 10 causes of deathCourse Content IIExerciseFor Medical Consideration StoneStone article about equitypredisposition to assumedifferences in countries in choosing who gets treated firstoAgerecovery rate ie Child vs senioroSexismassuming prostitute is female that she brought illness upon herselfoProductivitypersons value to societyoMoneyhow many people can I help efficiencyoFatalhow fatal is the diseaseoCollaborationcan we work with other hospitalsStone article1 Equity or Moral RelativityLast class we took 5 people with limited resources and decided prioritiesSpeaks to moral relativitywhat is equalAlternate definitions of what is equitable eg Is it fair to give lower ranked people fewer piecesoDifferent countries have different approaches to health careoStone shatters myth that process is easy2 Efficiency and Cost Effectivenessgetting the most out of a given inputcost vs resulting benefitstaxesis the cost of health care giving us the results we wantIs it sustainableAppropriate use of resources to get the most out of our dollarminimize wasteextra effortsEvidencebased medicinefound a more efficient way of determining if an xray was needed Ottawa Ankle rule3 Security and Social Capitalneed carries more weight than desire or deservingnessobjective need and objective programsspeaks to the understanding that we have support in our societyono individual left behind who needs health careocohesiveness as a communityoinclusiveness regardless of age race gender etcshould we help people who decide not to work to get health freebies from welfareEg In England doctors get rewarded to convince patients to stop smoking4 LibertyIndividual vs Collective RightsWhen should community or social purpose trump individual choiecJohn Stuart Mills responseto prevent harm to others owe trump individual rights to protect everyone elsecollective rights override negative vs positive liberty interference with your individual rights is justified when harm may come to others negative absence of external constraint freedom from people who want to oppress me positive presence of opportunities for choice freedom to do something as opposed to freedom from somethingCourse Content IIIJackson articleThree Important Contemporary Approaches in the Social Sciences1 The Positivist ApproachThe Structural Functionalist ApproachComptesociety and 3 stages of development1Theological stage one that was dominated by religionAlways sense of power greater than mankinddeity 2Metaphysical stage abstract speculation and thinkingPhilosophersPlato Rousseau all trying to understand social structure3PositivistStructural FunctionalistScientific thinkingSociology of medicine which takes rise in the 50s and 60sDurkheimneed to look at social facts objectivelyobserve the patternspatterns of regularity can be studied statisticallyare entitled to your opinion but what are the statistical factsmedical centric paradigminstitutions determines what counts as an illness how it is addressed and what yoursocietys role isfocuses on biomedical doesnt address psychologicalmental illnessto determine if we have social orderomortality rate number of deaths and age of deceased eg If most are old that means order in society is rightomorbidity ratedistribution of disease in a population eg What causes the most deathput safeguards to decreaseFive Point Star family religion economics health care politics educationsociety requires these elements to functionFamily many different types of families institution of marriagefamily more sophisticatedReligion early sense of spiritualityEconomics early ages hunting gathering sharing of food caringtoday same thing ie Food banks welfare systemsPolitics past people of authoritytoday governmentEducation past no books trial and error oral talestoday universities librariesbelieved to be a definite pattern of societycore institutions are interdependent and ensure social order and stabilityth6 point Health Carepast healers midwivestoday doctors medical centreshaving all 6 functioning appropriately will lead to a functioning societyMicrolevelMcMaster communityfamily we are a family feel pridereligion acceptance of all religionseconomics student loans jobs bursaries Financial Aid Officepolitics dean president MSU rules and regulationseducation faculties courseshealth care health and wellness centre
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