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Health, Aging and Society
Jessica Gish

McMaster University HLTHAGE 1BB3:Aging and Society Practice Test Questions Gish GENERALTYPES OF EXAM QUESTIONS A) Knowledge of material discussed in lecture As discussed in lecture, which of the following does not describe a factor that causes population aging? a) Reduced mortality b) Immigration rates c) Increases in life expectancy d) Lower fertility rates B) Knowledge of definitions and trends Cohort effects, as a change due to old age, are related to: a) the observation that no two people or age groups are exactly alike b) an effect on a person’s life related to the time of the person’s death c) Shared backgrounds and experiences of people born around the same time d) Researchers confusing age differences with age changes C) Knowledge of empirical/research findings (especially those that are discussed in lecture) Identify the correct finding about gender in Martin’s study of health promotion messages? a) Men were depicted as passive and women were depicted as active b) Women were depicted as both passive and active c) Men were depicted as both active and passive d) Men were depicted as active and women were depicted as passive (NOTE: The above question does not come from material in this course but is a good example of what this type of question could look like). D) Knowledge from the reading of Novak & Campbell According to your textbook, what aspect of the agricultural society assured older people support from the young? a) a food surplus b) property ownership c) respect for their age d) co-residence E) Knowledge about documentaries and in-class discussion of them The documentary [insert name here] is important in this course because:
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