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Anatomy and physiology Sample Exam

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Health Sciences

Name____________________ Student Number (McMaster #)__________________ Site: Conestoga McMaster Mohawk (circle one) Health Sciences 1H06 Dr. Peter Helli Human Anatomy and Physiology Version 1 DAY CLASS DURATION OF EXAMINATION: 3 Hours MCMASTER UNIVERSITY MIDYEAR EXAMINATION December 14, 2010 THIS EXAMINATION PAPER INCLUDES 26 PAGES AND 67 QUESTIONS WORTH A TOTAL OF 90 MARKS. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ENSURING THAT YOUR COPY OF THE PAPER IS COMPLETE. BRING ANY DISCREPANCY TO THE ATTENTION OF YOUR INVIGILATOR. THERE ARE FOUR VERSIONS. ENSURE YOU MARK THE VERSION NUMBER IN BUBBLES OF THE SHADED “VERSION” COLUMN ON YOUR SCANTRON, JUST RIGHT OF THE BUBBLE COLUMN FOR YOUR MCMASTER STUDENT NUMBER SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: THIS EXAMINATION HAS TWO (2) SECTIONS. 1. THE FIRST SECTION (SECTION A) CONTAINS 55 MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS THAT MUST BE ANSWERED USING AN OPTICAL MARK RECOGNITION (OMR) ANSWER SHEET ASWAS USED FOR THE MIDTERM EXAM. DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE OF AN OMR ANSWER SHEET ARE ON PAGE2. ONLY QUESTIONS IN SECTION (A) ARE TO BE ANSWERED ON THE OMR SHEET. 2. THE SECOND SECTION (SECTION B) CONTAINS 12 FIGURES WITH LABELS AND QUESTIONS THAT ARE TO BE ANSWERED IN THE SPACES PROVIDED ON THE QUESTION SHEET. THE QUESTION SHEET WITH ANSWERS FILLED IN AND THE OMR ANSWER SHEETS MUST BE HANDED IN AT THE END OF THE EXAMINATION. Continued on page 2 Name____________________ Student Number (McMaster #)__________________ Site: Conestoga McMaster Mohawk (circle one) Continued on page 3 Name____________________ Student Number (McMaster #)__________________ Site: Conestoga McMaster Mohawk (circle one) SECTION A (55 marks) ALL QUESTIONS IN THIS SECTION ARE TO BE ANSWERED ON THE OMR (SCANTRON) SHEET. (Each question is worth 1 mark) This section will contain the multiple choice questions 1. Baby Jane is a 5-month old female who presents in the emergency room with fever, irritability, and vomiting. Her temperature at home was 38.0 rectally. She vomited five times since onset 8 hours ago. There are no obvious signs of head trauma. Medical history reveals a previous fractured femur. Several 0.5 cm burn scars are evident on her forearm. Fussy, though consolable at times, she doesn't focus or interact well and appears somewhat "toxic" to the examiner. A lumbar puncture is done to take a sample of CSF to culture for meningitis. The CSF is homogeneously bloody (blood mixed with CSF). A CT scan is performed to confirm the diagnosis. The most likely explanation for these findings are: A. Viral infection of the meninges. B. Subdural hematoma. C. Overproduction of CSF by the choroid plexus leading to enlarged ventricles. D. Epidural hematoma. E. Stroke involving the middle meningeal artery. 2. A 19 year old male is in
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