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Muscles, Actions, Nerves, and Arteries Muscles Action Muscles Nerves Arteries Other Muscular Actions/Comments Opening of Eyes Levator Palpebrae Occulomotor Nerve Closing of Eyes Orbicularis Olculi Facial Nerve Looking Up Superior Rectus Occulomotor Nerve  This nerve (parasympathetic) also innervates cilary muscle for convergence Looking Down Inferior Rectus Occulomotor Nerve (III) Abduction of Eye Lateral Rectus Abducens Nerve (VI)  the nerve is not necessary for convergent gaze when both medial rectus muscles contract Adduction of Eye Medial Rectus Occulomotor Nerve (III) Looking Down Diagonally Superior Oblique Trochlear Nerve Looking Up Diagonally Inferior Oblique Occulomotor Nerve (III) Accommodation of Lens Ciliary Muscle Occulomotor Nerve (parasympathetic fibers) Protection of Oval Window Stapedius Muscle Facial Nerve  only happens during loud noises Limits Movement and Tensor Tympani Trigeminal Nerve  during chewing of Increases Tension of Stapes mouth, this muscle is also involved Thoracic nerves: T7-  Also helps with spine External Oblique T12, lateral flexion Iliohypogastric nerve T8-T12,  Also helps with lateral Internal Oblique iliohypogastric flexion nerve, ilioinguinal Spine Flexion nerve T8-T12, Transverse Abdominis iliohypogastric nerve, ilioinguinal nerve Rectus Abdominis Thoracic nerve T7- T12 Iliocostalsis Cervicis Cervical and  This group also assists Thoracic Spinal in spine lateral flexion nerves Iliocostalsis Thoracic Thoracic Spinal Spine Extension (Spino- Nerves Transverse System: Erector Iliocostalsis Lumborum Lumbar Spinal Spinae) Nerves Superficial Group Longissimus Capitis Middle and Inferior  Neck Extension Cervical Spinal Nerves Longissimus Cervicis Cervical and Superior Thoracic Spinal Nerves Longissimis Thoracic Thoracic and Lumbar Spinal Nerves Spinalis Capitis Cervical Spinal  Neck Extension Nerves Spinalis Cervicis Inferior Cervical and Thoracic Spinal Nerves Spinalis Thoracic Thoracic Spinal Nerves Semispinalis Capitis Cervical and  Neck Extension Thoracic Spinal Nerves Semispinalis Cervicis Cervical and Thoracic Spinal Spine Extension Nerves (Transversospinalis Semispinalis Thoracic Thoracic Spinal System) Deep Group Nerves Note: these muscles are also Multifidus Cervical, Thoracic  Spinal Lateral Flexion rotators and Lumbar Spinal or Rotation Nerves  Neck Extension Rotatores Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar Spinal Nerves Neck Flexion Sternocleidomastoid Accessory Nerve, C2,  Head Rotation and C3 Neck Extension Splenius Capitis Cervical Spinal  Neck Lateral Nerves Flexion Upper Fibers of Trapezius Accessory Nerve and C3-C5 Shoulder Flexion Pectoralis Major Medial and Lateral  Shoulder Medial Pectoral Nerve Rotation  Shoulder Adduction  Shoulder Extension Deltoid (anterior fibers) Axillary Nerve  The back fibers assist the trapezius in shoulder extension  Middle fibers are O O abductors (20 -90 )  Shoulder External Rotation  Shoulder Adduction/Medial Rotation Coracobranchialis Musculocutaneous  Shoulder Adduction Nerve Latissimus Dorsi Thoracodorsal Nerve  Shoulder Adduction  Shoulder Medial Rotation Teres Major Lower Subcapsular  Shoulder Adduction Shoulder Extension Nerve Back Fibers of Trapezius Accessory Nerve and  Only assists in the C3-C5 deltoid to extend the shoulder (from 90 – 180 ) Supraspinatus Subscapular Nerve  Only up to 20O Shoulder Abduction Infraspinatus Suprascapular Nerve  Shoulder External Rotation Shoulder Hyperabduction Lower fibers of Trapezius Accessory Nerve and (upward rotate the scapula) C3-C5 Shoulder External Rotation Posterior Fibers of Trapezius Accessory Nerve and C3-C5 Teres Minor Axillary Nerve  Shoulder External Rotation Shoulder Internal Rotation Anterior Fibers of Deltoid Axillary Nerve Subscapularis Upper and lower subscapular nerve Serratus Anterior Long Thoracic Nerve  Scapula Depression Scapula Protraction – C5, C6  Scapula Abduction (sometimes called scapula  Scapula Upward abduction) Rotation Pectarolis Minor Medial Pectoral  Attached to the Nerve coracoid process of the scapula Rhomboid Major Dorsal Scapular  Scapula Adduction Scapula Elevation Nerve Rhomboid Minor Dorsal Scapular  Scapula Adduction Nerve Rhomboid Major Dorsal Scapular  See above Scapula Downward Nerve Rotation Rhomboid Minor Dorsal Scapular  See above Nerve Upper Fibers of Trapezius Accessory Nerve and  When we reach for Scapular Upward Rotation C3-C5 something, the muscles involved in scapula protraction are used Scalene muscles (anterior & Cervical Spinal  the posterior scalene Rib Elevation middle elevate first ribs and Nerves muscles also flex the posterior elevate second spine ribs) Supinator Deep Radial – C6 Supination Branchioradialis Radial Nerve  Forearm Pronation Biceps Branchii Musculocutaneous Nerve Pronation Pronator Teres Medial Nerve
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