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A&P Gatrointestinal--mouth to esophagus

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Health Sciences

GI part 1 Mouth to EsophagusThe Alimentary Canal insideoutsideMasticationchew DeglutitionswallowMasticationthe process of chewing your foodDeglutitionthe process of swallowingPeristalsisalternating waves of muscle contraction and relaxation used to move food through the GI tract everything inside of the body is involuntary movement outside of our handsFunction of uvula part of soft palate during swallowing aids oneway journey so the food does not go into nasal cavity down to the esophagus Submandibular gland where the saliva excreted in the mouthFrenulum which protects our lips or tongue going too farUvula hanging down in the back of the throatFunction is during swallowing protecting our food going up into the nasal cavity providing oneway journey down to the EsophagusGustation to tasteo5 tastesSweet bitter salty sour and umami savoryMost of the approximately 10000 taste buds are found on the tongue some we do have upper epigalathius throatoTaste buds found in Papillae Vallate Fungiform FoliateVallate in the back of your tongue eye ballFungiform throughout the tongue mushroom shapeFoliate throughout the surface of tongue dorsal gives rough surface of the tongue increase the friction between you and your food and direct to back of mouth swallow Foliate papilla side degenerate as time goes by this is why we change our taste change Only in younger children or infantour taste changePapilla contain taste budwe have sensory nurve which is within the gustatory hair Also have basal cell produce new cells because a lot of cell die soon within 10 days the cell changes within ten daysVallate papillae 12 each containing 100300 taste buds eyeball in the back of the mouthFungiform papillae scattered over tongue each containing 5 taste buds mushroom shateFoliate papillae in the lateral margins of tongue degenerate in childhood
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