nursing anatomy and physiology notes--gastrointestinal system 1

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Alterations for the small intestine digestion and absorption: to the basic plan add: villi (microvilli = brush border), plicae circularis. Villi (microvilli brush border) (projection, helping increase for chemical. Plicae circularis (intense folding, increase the surface area of intestine, in addition to this, they also help chyme mixing in the intestine like the washing machine) Mucosa submucoas muscularis (circular muscle, longitudinal muscle) serosa (epithelium: 3 parts: duodenum, jejunum & ileum. From celiac trunk, but most importantly, all sections of the small intestines receive blood from the superior mesenteric. Rest of the intestine gets blood vessel from the inferior mesenteric. (right half) Hepatic portal (all of the blood drain through this vein: general features of each. Most dense plicae circularis (a lot of folds that help mixing enzymes) Specialized mucosa in initial portion via hepatopancreatic ampula (pancreas and liver produce) (40%) (a lot of absorption going on here, but most of absorption occurs in ileum, as we go further down) (60%)