INDIGST 1A03- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 24 pages long!)

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Racial stereotyping: racial characteristics become essentialized and attached to groups of people, become operationalized - institutionalized in laws and policies, become normalized, circulate through many channels - news, media, movies. Normalized at an unconscious level: to mark a group outside of the heteronormative. Consequences: becomes justi cation for , genocide, systemic racism, social and economic injustice. Non-white races are demonized as terrorists : unpatriotic, provides rationale for imprisonment of political leaders. An attitude of mind in which one holds members of a group to be inferior while one"s own race ethnicity, culture, gender, or class is supposedly superior. Discrimination: an overt act based on a prejudice. Can be committed by either individuals or institutions (i. e. government, church, business, criminal justice system) Measures taken by oppressor group to stamp out indigenous culture and its social institutions. Examples. : removal of traditional food sources, language loss, removal of none christian ideals, residential schools.