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Chapter 17 – The Functional Organization of the Endocrine System What are the characteristics of the endocrine system? - Glands that secrete chemical messengers (hormones) into circulatory system o Directly changes cell physiology  Hormone characteristics o Produced in small quantities o Secreted into intercellular space o Transported some distance in circulatory system o Acts on target tissues elsewhere in body o Regulate activities of body structures • Ligands: more general term for chemical signals --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What are the similarities and differences between the nervous and endocrine systems? Similarities Differences 1. Both systems associated w/ the brain 1. Mode of transport - Hypothalamus (regulated functions, - Axon (N.S.) secretes hormones) - Blood (E.S.) - Epithalamus (olfaction, melatonin) 2. Speed of Response 2. May use same chemical messengers - Instant/milliseconds (N.S.) as neurotransmitter and hormone - Delayed/seconds (E.S.) - Epinephrine (sympathetic 3. Duration of response [neurotransmitter], adrenal gland - Millisecond/seconds (N.S.) [hormone] - Minutes/days (E.S.) 3. Two systems are cooperative 4. Amplitude vs. frequency - N.S. secretes neuroendocrine peptides - Frequency-modulated (N.S.) or neurohormones into circulatory - Amplitude-modulated (E.S.) system - Some parts of E.S. innervated directly by N.D. (adrenal gland) What are the general characteristics of hormones? 1. Stability o Half-life  Long half-life > usually lipid soluble  Short half-life > water-soluble hormones, rapid onset and short duration 2. Communication - Interaction with target cell (must have cell recognition – binding sites) 3. Distribution - Dissolve in blood plasma and are transported in unbound or are reversibly bound to plasma proteins (eg. lipid soluble – steroid hormones) - Distribute quickly What are the three patterns of hormone secretion? 1. Chronic Hormone Regulation - Relatively constant - Thyroid hormone 2. Acute Hormone Regulation - Epinephrine in response to stress 3. Episodic (Cyclic) Hormone Regulation - Female reproductive hormones --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How is hormone secretion regulated? - Negative feedback  3 Methods o The action of a substance other than a hormone on an endocrine gland  Humoral stimuli (blood-borne) – eg. glucose o Neural control of endocrine gland  Adrenal gland (medulla) o Control of secretory activit of one endocrine gland by hormone or by another endocrine gland  Anterior pituitary gland Chapter 18 – Endocrine Glands What role do the pituitary gland and hypothalamus play? - Hypothalamus regulated secretions of anterior pituitary  Posterior Pituitary o Neurohypophysis  Produces 2 major hormones o Extension of hypothalamus  Anterior Pituitary o Adenohypophysis  Produces 9 major hormones --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How is ADH secretion regulated?  Osmoreceptors o Sensors in hypothalamus o Sensitive to intercellular osmolality (concentration of solutes)  Baroreceptors o Atria, carotid artery, aortic arch o Sensitive to blood pressure - Negative feedback – restoration of blood (plasma)  in blood osmolatilty,  in blood pressure posterior  Hypothalamic neuron  Hypothalamohypophysial tract  Posterior pituitary   ADH secretion  Kidney   urine volume  urine osmolatility  blood osmolatility  blood volume and blood pressure How is oxytocin secretion regulated?  Osmoreceptors - Sensors in hypothalamus  Baroreceptors - Atria, carotid artery, aortic arch o Stimuli
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