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KINESIOL 1A03 Final: Kin1A03 Final Exam Review

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Krista Howarth

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KINESIOL 1A03 (Anatomy) Exam Summary EMBRYOLOGY: Embryonic period extends from fertilization through the eighth week of development; development of organ systems. Fetal period last 30 weeks; organ systems grow and mature. Overview: 1. Fertilization occurs within the uterine tube 12 24 hours after ovulation. 2. Cleavage first cleavage completed about 30 hours after fertilization. 3. Morula 34 days after fertilization. 4. Blastocyst 4.55 days after fertilization. 5. Implantation 6 days after fertilization. Fertilization: Merging of genetic information from sperm and secondary oocyte. Sperm swim from the vagina to the cervix using their tails. Sperm pass through the uterus and uterine tubes due to contraction of the walls of these structures. Must penetrate the corona radiata and the zona pellucida. Corona Radiata Zona Pellucida Plasma Membrane of Secondary Oocyte Cytoplasm of Secondary Oocyte. Corona Radiata penetrated due to the enzymes of the sperms acrosome, along with tail movement. Zona Pellucida glycoprotein ZP3 (receptor on zona pellucida) binds to the sperm; acrosomal enzymes are released to digest a path in the zona pellucida. Haploid nucleus in the sperm becomes the male pronucleus; haploid nucleus in the fertilized ovum becomes the female pronucleus. Syngamy when the two haploids merge; form a diploid zygote. Cleavage: Day 1: Zygote begins mitotic division (cleavage). First division takes around 6 hours; successive divisions take less time. Day 2: Second cleavage is complete, yielding 4 cells. Morula: Day 4: 1
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