LABRST 1C03 Quiz: percarious labour

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Both on the job and what the leaves the worker. Are you secure in your work, and is your work giving you what you need. Precarious workers live with high levels of uncertainty. Especially felt in longterm having children, buying a house, etc. Not certain of having a job or what you are doing: lack of benefits. Risk of what you are doing at work etc: what is missing. You don"t have control of what when and how you do work. Wages low wages is part of it, it has to be you won"t be stressed if it was not. Work is stable in the short-term compensation but no long term certainty. Work in service industry not sure of daily hours or wages. People who work fulltime but work 2-3 partime jobs. Temporary foreign workers have an extra layer of precarity with being allowed to stay in country. vs. standard employment relationship.