LIFESCI 2A03 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Embryonic Stem Cell, Ernest Mcculloch, Asymmetric Cell Division

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Stem cells discovery first identification of stem cells in 1963. Jim till and ernest mcculloch prove the existence of stem cells demonstrated that these cells were capable of self-renewal. Symmetric self-renewal (symmetric division): will increase the stem cell pool. Asymmetric division: maintains the stem cell pool, produces specialized cells to form and maintain tissues. Symmetric differentiation (symmetric division): reduces stem cell pool, produces specialized cell to form and maintain tissues. Cell potency is the ability of a cell to differentiate into other cell types. Totipotent: can give rise to all cell types in a body including extra embryonic tissue (i. e. placenta) ex. a zygote. Pluripotent: can give rise to all of the cell types that make up the body everything by extra embryonic. Multipotent: can develop into more than one cell type (but not all types) Unipotent: can give rise to new cells of a single, specific cell type or lineage differentiation ability decreased.

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