LIFESCI 2N03 Study Guide - Creatine, Creatine Kinase, Essential Amino Acid

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Sum of all chemical reactions that occur in the body. Bioenergetics: converting food components (fats, proteins, carbohydrates) into energy. Dna is kept in a closed and distinct compartment [i. e. nucleus] Mitochondrion energy factory : where our cell makes energy (atp) Nucleus: home of cell"s genes: making new protein; enables muscle cell to build new contractile proteins, enabling muscles to contract for a longer period of time. Increase production of protein for sake of harnessing macronutrients. Aspects of protein synthesis: amino acids (dietary); the supplies for protein synthesis, exercise (muscle contraction): stimulates the process; initiation of protein synthesis. Anabolic steroids; stimulate the process of protein synthesis faster. Release energy (transfer to mechanical and/or chemical and thermal) Oxidation and reduction are always coupled reactions. Often involves the transfer of hydrogen atoms rather than free electrons: hydrogen atoms contains one electron, a molecule that loses a hydrogen also loses an electron and therefore is oxidized.

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