LIFESCI 3N03 Midterm: e-Module 1 3N03

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Ferroportin: transmembrane protein responsible for the efflux of iron. Hemoglobin: transport of oxygen to the tissues around our body. Transferrin: the main protein carrier of iron in blood, bringing iron to different organs including the liver and bone marrow. Hepcidin will block ferroportin by binding to it when iron levels are low this result in inflammation. Hepcidin will not block ferroportin when iron levels are high this results in erythropoiesis - production of red blood cells. Hepcidin - a hormone mainly synthesized and released by the liver risks are discussed and consent is taken sample of blood, skin or other tissue is obtained. Dna is analyzed by a computer results are interpreted patient receives the results. Single stranded dna is attached to a flow cell with oligomers complementary to adaptor"s sequence. Nucleotide addition primers are anchored to the oligonucleotides to prevent primer sequencing fluorescently labeled nucleotides with a particular colour are then added one-by-one to the forward strand.

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