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MATH 2Z03 Quiz: math2Z03_course_outline_fall_2014.pdf

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David Lozinski
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Math 2Z03: Engineering Mathematics III
Course Outline - 2014-2015 Term 1
The course web page can be found on Avenue to Learn
Dr. David Lozinski HH/315, x23409,
Dr. Livia Corsi HH/417, x27112,
Dr. Eric Harper HH/407, x26079,
Office hours can be found on the course web page, or on the Math and Stats Dept web page.
Advanced Engineering Mathematics, 5th edition, by Dennis G. Zill and Warren S. Wright, published by
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, ISBN 1449693024.
The 4th edition will also be acceptable, although practice problems will be assigned from the 5th.
For support in the Matlab part of the course, an additional optional resource is Numerical Mathematics,
by Matheus Grasselli and Dmitry Pelinovsky, published by Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2008.
The course provides an overview of ordinary differential equations and also covers some related topics,
such as Laplace transforms and applications of linear algebra.
Students are expected to attend one of the tutorial sessions each week. Tutorials will be used to adddress
questions and problems that the students bring with them. Separately, there are drop-in labs in the
days prior to each lab assignment that is due. A T.A. will be present in the lab to answer questions on
programming in Matlab.
Mid-Term Tests:
There are 2 midterm tests, each worth 20% of the final grade. The dates for the midterms are tentatively
Thursday evening, October 16
Thursday evening, November 13
More information, including the topics covered, will be announced in class.
You MUST bring your student ID to all tests, or your mark will be zero.
Students with conflicts those evenings will be able to report the conflict on the system used for the Matlab
labs shortly after the start of the term.
There will be approximately 5 assignments to be completed during the term. Assignments will be com-
pleted online using the WeBWork online tool. There is no cost for using the WeBWork tool. WeBWork
can be accessed throught the course web site on Avenue. Due dates will be posted on the course website.
No late assignments will be accepted.
There will be approximately 5 labs to be completed during the term. Labs will involve the use of Mat-
lab to answer problems related to the course material. The course web-page will provide additional
instructions for submitting the assignments via e-mail. Late submissions will not be accepted under any
circumstances. The solutions will be posted on the course website after the due date.
Supporting problems are listed on the web site. Answers to selected problems are in the back of the
textbook. Optionally, a student solutions manual may be purchased.
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