Materials 1M03: Crib sheet Mid 1

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Materials Science and Engineering
Hatem Zurob

Chapter 2: Atomic Structure and Interatomic Bonding – Magnitude of force is a function of interatomic distance – The bond‐length corresponds to the distance at which the attractive and repulsive forces exactly balance. – Minimum energy is called the bond energy. (Energy that is required to completely separate two atoms) - High bonding energy = High melting Temperature - When one element loses electrons and the other gains electrons. The resulting ions attract and form a strong bond. Ionic Bond - Stable electron configuration is achieved Polymorphic: has more than one crystal structure by sharing/overlap of outer orbitals. Covalent Bd Miller Direction Indices:- - Metallic Bond = metals bonding 1. Start at any cell corner. 2. Find coordinates of vector in units of a,b, c. -Secondary Bonding = weak bd 3. Multiply or divide all the coordinates by a common factor. Aka van der Waals bond – To reduce all the coordinates to the smallest possible integer values. 4. Represent as [ u v w] – no commas 5. Represent negative directions as ū. Miller Plane Indices:- – Choose a starting point so that the plane does not pass through the origin. – Find the intercepts in units of x, y, z, planes parallel to an axis have an intercept at infinity. – Find the reciprocals of the intercepts: 1/x, 1/y, 1/z. – Multiply or divide by common factor to get the smallest possible integer values. – Represent the index as(h k l) – no commas. Example for famalies of direction etc: Which of the following planes contains all of the following directions [010], [111]and [101]: (a) (010) (b) (111) (c)(101) (d) (101) Solution: Take each choice and do DOT PRODUCT with the directions in the question and see which option give you a DOT PRODUCT of 0.
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