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Converting Gasoline generator to
1 Drawbacks
There is a disadvantage to using natural gas or propane in a generator which is if a motor stops
running but propane is left turned on and the build-up could result in explosion.
2 Advantages
On the other hand, there many advantages to using propane instead of gasoline in a generator.
Some of these advantages are:
Cleaner burning fuel in the engine which will extend generators life
Gasoline expires if stored for long, propane has a longer shelf life
Easier and safer to store propane
Gasoline is dangerous to transport
Cleaner emissions from using propane as fuel
Low maintenance cost and extended life of spark plug and engine oil
Faster refueling- just connect a new propane cylinder.
Propane is cheaper than gasoline
3 The Conversion Kit
Using a Conversion kit, a gasoline generator can be converted to run on propane or natural gas. It
is also possible to convert the generator to run on Tri-fuel/ hybrid system where it can use
gasoline, propane and natural gas all at the same time. However for our purpose we are
converting our generator to run on propane only. This conversion would offer cost savings along
with the increased safety of carrying propane instead of gasoline. Converting the generator to run
on propane does not affect the output power of the generator, therefore the same level of
performance can be maintained. The various components of the conversion kit are shown in
Figure 1.
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