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MEDRADSC 3Y03 Final: Ethics Final Review

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Medical Radiation Sciences
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Ethics Final Review 64 Qs. 5 case scenarios and 1-2 MCQ per case study PPT Lectures Application knowledge – dedicated by: • Ethical theories, Principles, Health care consent act, • SDM rights • Laws Questions 1. Sometimes we are incapable of making our own health care decisions. When this occurs, a substitute decision maker is asked. How should decide for you? a) Make decisions based on your values and beliefs b) Make decisions based on their own values c) Make decisions based on most popular choices d) Make decisions based on the cheapest option Ans: A 2. Which of the following best describes informed consent of a minor? a) Capacity is assumed until proven otherwise b) Minos can make decisions about their own health care c) Children know what’s in their best interest d) Capacity is not assumed until proven otherwise Ans: D 3. “The right action is one that reflects good moral character,” is reflective of ; a) Virtue ethics b) Consequentialism c) Utilitarianism d) Feminist ethics Ans: A 4. From which of the following does McMaster faculty, students and staff researcher need ethics approval for non-medical research involving human participants? a) Hamilton Integrated Research Ethics (HiREB) b) Clinical Trials Ontario (CTO) c) McMaster Research Ethics Board (MREB) d) This type of research does no require ethics approval Ans: C 5. According to the Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS) and the Society of Gynaecology of Canada (SOGC), a baby born at 25 weeks should receive the following: A) Recommendations are to deny aggressive care B) Recommendations are to offer aggressive resuscitation C) Recommendations are left up to the HCP and not the family D) Recommendations are to forego treatment or to pursue aggressive therapy in light of possible lifelong disability is NOT the right of a family to decide upon. Ans: B 6. Aristotle stated: “The right action is one that reflects good moral character.” This is an example of A) Feminist ethics B) Virtue ethics C) Pluralism ethics D) Libertarian ethics Ans: B 7. Some religions believe that using fertilized for PGD is a very controversial procedure. It requires that an early embryo is examined after IVF for inherited diseases or to determine the sex of the embryo for sex-reatlead genetic disorders. What cell stage is the embryo at when 1-2 blastomere are removed and sent to the genetic lab. for dx? A) 6-8 cell stage B) 4-6 C) 7-9 D) 8-10 Ans: A 8. “The place of greates
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