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Molecular Biology
Laura Parker

WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 21 2012 SEX AND GENDER SEX: attributes of men and women created by their biological characteristics Two mutually opposed categories: male and female Chromosomes Anatomy Reproductive organs – not the only anatomical features of males and females, don’t have visuals, so we use other anatomical features such as beards, musculature, size differences, breasts, and visibly accessible anatomical differences. Hormones GENDER: Distinctions between men and women that are culturally established. What is defined as masculine, feminine What criteria? How to act like a man in a given society, femininity and masculinity. Ideas of man and woman as social roles that define the cultural expectations for that group. easy for sociologist: is s social construction  made firm by all these institution, but ultimately a social product. SEX= biological GENDER= social It is much more complicated than this ^^^^^^^^ Gender has social categories, so its complicated, Sex is not purely biological, also social construction. Boundaries of these categories are socially negotiated and come from our cultural understanding of manliness and femininity Ex. Intersex infants – doctors sometimes just choose sex, based on social ideas of “appropriately” gendered bodies. Not totally conform to female or male category Sometimes it’s a hormonal imbalance, such as testosterone Sometimes emerges at puberty Some bodies are fully half female and half male. Hermaphrodite WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 21 2012 GENDER AND STATUS Gender is a master status Know what status is for exam It is a primary orientation. It is something that is very important in our social world. We want to know first before we can move on with our conversation with you. Gender also organized your social world and separates different kinds of categorization schemes, and groups all kinds of things. IT ORGANIZES OUR ENTIRE WORLD. Primary orientation, organizing social worlds, and individual’s behavior. Gender defines
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