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Midterm 1 Review

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Joe Argentino

Music 1A03 Midterm 1 2011 Week 1 Elements in Music IntroductionMelodyTend to focus on listen and heara lineA musical phrasethis melody is the first phrase of the song Phrasea musical sentence Question and answerleaves with an open ended statement need a conclusion to it Ends of phrasescadences aka Punctuation mark Melody has a beginning middle and end If we say the entire melody is a phrase akamelodic fragment then within it is subphrases that progress the songSubphrasesfeels like it demands more Melodic climaxthe pinnacle of the song toscka Needs to stand outWhen linked all together they make a bigger musical statementWords and melody play integral role with each other MusicCollagewhole bunch of different melodies and fragmentsBig connection between music and art throughout the centuriesSometimes melodies areEvery melody hasneeds a rhythm Dont have to have a melody to carry out of a rhythm clapping music video or drums or gamelan gongHarmonysupports a melody They accompany the melody like a background guideTexturethick and thin textureLarge ensemblemoments when just string section might play thinMoments where everyone plays thick Back in the day to get loud music when headphones werent inventedavailable you needed to go to a symphony or play or ball etcturned from a private event to public social eventTimbrecolor of the music How can we distinguish between instrumentshas a particular discrete sound Change timbre by combo different types of instruments that create a unique timbreDynamicsloud vs soft and everything in between Melodic highs and lowsBeethoven symphonytexture constantly changing same with timbre heavy use of decrescendos and crescendosCertain patterns in music Symbols represent different sections when united it equals a formIe ABA form Within the A sectioncan be 2 different melodies a then bMozart AndanteA sectionMelodic levela repeatba repeat ba section repeat whole A sectionWords shape what we hear When we dont expect something thats a great way to make a fragment of music to stand out Composers who did what was expect was boring But the great composers break out of that and do things unexpected and newdifferentDissonancerepresenting things unpleasant Sounds dark When u read on a symphonyprogram Victims of Hiroshima as a title you understandexpect something tragicMusic 1A03 Midterm 1 2011Genreclassicalexpect to hear lots of strings Melodysingle line of notes heard in a succession as a unit smallest unit of music Otherwise known as a phrase Basic building block of melody is a fixed pitch aka a noteLetter names associated with notes Between white note and next is a black note raised by a 12 step sharp or lowered by a 12 step flatElements of Musiccontd Melody concludes with a cadence aka Arrivalpoint of rest Cadence completes phrase So that newthought can beginMelody aka Musical phrase Divide phrase into partssubphraseConjunct vs disjunct motion Conjunctcloser together Music moves by step Step wise motionie chromatic scale or musicinvolving many scalesDisjunctfarther apart Base lines in Classical repetoire are more disjunct while as the melodies are conjunctTreble Clef aka G clef cause its a fancy G 5 lineswhy are both clefs separated by space Staff is easierto read and determine note name High points create tensionContourupward or downward movement Change directions highlight a particular pitch Every melody has oneScales grouping of black notes Collection of 8 pitches In successionC majorimplies a key Songs usually have a home key that they return to Every scale has a half step between 3rd and 4th and 7th and 8thOne pitch to anotheran interval 2nd 3rd 4th 5thMajorhappy triumphMinorsad Tonichome base Starting pitch of the key C major therefore the tonic is C C minor the tonic is still CKeys Two modes in use y12 major modes or keys y12 minor modes or keysBachPreludes in 12 keys successivelydifficult to play with tuning systems at that time and play all 12 modes The newer tuning system almost all notes are flatter to play all 12 modesMelodic Intervals
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