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Music 1AA3 Exam Review

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McMaster University
Matthew Woolhouse

Music 1AA3 Exam Review Composer Piece Date Composer Info Joseph String Quartet in 1797  Music director for Prince Nicholas Esterhazy for 3 decades Haydn C Major  Composed Germany’s national anthem.  After death of Prince, Haydn made 2 long trips to England (1791 and 1794)  Returned to Vienna in 1795 Symphony no.102 1794/ 5  Produced oratorios, masses and string quartets.  Taught Beethoven  Wrote 12 London symphonies; Symphony no.102 was written in aftermath of the French revolution.  Haydn was immensely popular in London. Mozart Symphony no.40, 1788  His father recognized him as a musical genius: “Wunderkind” 1 Mov.  Had a musical family: Maria (sister) child prodigy on keyboard.  By 12 years: 3 operas, 6 symphonies, 100 other works  Toured Europe  Went to Vienna in 1781 hoping get position in royal court. Piano Concerto 1786  In Vienna he composed 17 piano concertos.  Huge success between 1782-90… but was always in debt.  Died (35) from morbid depression, composed Requiem Mass- buried in unmarked pauper’s grave in Vienna. The Marriage of 1786 Figaro Ludwig Symphony no.5 in 1808  Alcolic father van C Minor  Increasingly introverted Beethoven  Grant from Elector of bonn sent him to vianna.  Began to go deaf at age 26 (tinnitus)- contemplates suicide Franz Erlkonig 1815  Austrian, Vienna Schubert  Father not a famous musician but taught Schubert basics  Received instructions from Salieri around age 11  Taught in father’s school  Viennese salon: vital music forum in 19C Felix A Midsummer 1826  Prominent and intellectual family: grandpa, philosopher; father,banker. Mendelsso Night’s Dream  Spoke English, French, and Italian; read Greek and Latin. hn  Mentored by Goethe  Child prodigy; pianist and composer  Between 12-14 wrote 12 string symphonies.  Bach’s revival  Met Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.  Written song for Shakespeare’s play. Hector Symphonie 1830  French composer Berlioz Fantasique  Went to medical school in Paris and dropped out.  Studied at National Conservatory of Music in Paris.  Played guitar.  Wrote is personal life into his music. Clara Forward 1848  German composer and musician- Child prodigy; taught by father. Wieck  60 years concert career- accomplished pianist. Schumann  Wife of Robert Schumann.  Wrote about political issues. Frederic Mazurka in B-flat 1830-1  French father; Polish mother: Polish nationalism Chopin  Made a living in Paris teaching and selling his piano music.  Died of tuberculosis  Most works are for piano  69 Mazurkas; 59 published. Giuseppe La Traviata 1853  2 children- widower at only 26 Verdi  Had a scandalous relationship with soprano. Giuseppina Strepponi.  Sought to reform cultural and political conventions through opera  Was given a state funeral in Milan; largest public assembly of any event in the history of Italy. Richard The Valkyrie 1870  German composer and conductor; born Leipzig Wagner  Highly controversial figure socially and politically.  Saved from financial difficulties by King Ludwig II of Barvaria
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