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Just went through syllabus music 2f03finals page 1. In music we give pitches letter names ( a - g) Most of the time when we listen to music, the melody is the most prominent to us. Key: a particular grouping of pitches!, and this group of pitches will be the underlying/the fundamental pitches of that piece of music. There are different types of keys: major and minor keys. Major keys: are used when a composer wants to express positive emotions. Minor keys: used by a composer to express a more negative emotions. Notes in a key are arranged in a scale. Scale: taking notes in a key and arranging them from lowest to highest or opposite order, arranging the notes in order. Do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti (do) <<< nonsense syllables applied to the various pitches in a scale ( example shown sound of music video of maria singing do, re, me song)

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