MUSIC 2II3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Pete Seeger, Cuban Missile Crisis, Woody Guthrie

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13 Nov 2016

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Ma(cid:374)y of the tee(cid:374) fa(cid:374)s of the golde(cid:374) age of o(cid:272)k (cid:858)(cid:374)(cid:859) oll are (cid:374)o(cid:449) i(cid:374) their early (cid:1006)(cid:1004)s. No(cid:449) i(cid:374) u(cid:374)i(cid:448)ersity (cid:373)a(cid:374)y are looki(cid:374)g for (cid:373)usi(cid:272) that is (cid:373)ore (cid:862)serious(cid:863: being in university meant that you come from a wealthy family. It was seen to be more serious and represented students as being a young intellectual: folk music has always been about issues, morals, stories etc. Folk music was associated with the political left. Political right: you tend to support the idea as little government involvement as possible; the market should be what runs things; we should take responsibility for ourselves. Advantage people with amazing ideas can succeed. Disadvantage most people don(cid:859)t ha(cid:448)e su(cid:272)h a(cid:373)azi(cid:374)g ideas. Political left: tendency to believe that the government should have a greater involvement of wages, prices, market etc. People pay more taxed but they also get universal healthcare, tuition help etc.

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