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In other words, the theatre that speaks, sings, and dances she term came along in 1960s operetta, light opera (other terms floating along) A genre is a category sanctioned by convention. Conventional structure cverture - set the scene, tone, etc. ]intermission] entreacte -returns the audience back to the scene. 16 musical numbers (not (cid:0)songs): 10 in the 1st act and 6 in the 2nd. Captures the attention and favour of the audience. Previews the principal songs, main themes and melodies. Similar to the overture in use shere are e ceptions to this rule, but this is the general convention cour most important points in a music: beginning of act i. Set the scene, grab the audience: end of act i. Make sure the audience returns, cliffhanger: beginning of act ii suck them back into the story, end of act ii. New eork city has broadway and london, england has the dest end.