MUSIC 2TT3 Study Guide - Final Guide: The Drowsy Chaperone, Patter Song, Elaine Stritch

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17 Apr 2016

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Example of a romanic duet: a love song for two people, also a ballad; every lyricist"s problem: saying i love you without saying it explicitly. Song form: a, a, verse, verse, b, a": ol" man river . Begins with underscored dialogue: dialogue accompanied by music, which heightens the mood and helps make transiions between speech and song smoother and less obtrusive. Example of a ballad: most ballads are love songs but this one is a song directed to and about the mississippi river. Example of a theme song: ol" man river has a themaic funcion; it suggests that the fates of the characters are in the hands of the river. Song form: verse, a, a, b, a": can"t help lovin dat man of mine . Example of an i am song: a song that establishes something essenial to the audience"s understanding of character and situaion.

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