MUSIC 2TT3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Andrew Lloyd Webber, Richard Stilgoe, Comic Opera

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17 Apr 2016

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Terms: musical, a musical is a broadly deined genre that refers to a type of performance made up of talking, singing, and dancing. The words of an opera form the libreto ( litle book ) The audience understands that the character is hearing the music as such; ex. Can"t help lovin" dat man : non-diegeic, the character is unaware of the music, for ex. , a character seems not to realize that she has moved from speech into song; ex. Make believe (sort of: broadway belter, broadway belter loud i, brassy, good projecion iv. range: usually quite narrow and lower for a woman alto/mezzo soprano. Integrated musical scenes: textual devices, rhyme: correspondence of sound between words or the endings of words, when i take you out, tonight, with me, Forum: anaphora: repeiion of the same words at the beginning of successive lines, somebody hold me too close,