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Peter Helli

StressAdaptationSTRESS RESPONSEOBJECTIVESPotential causes of stress responsesWhat occurs during these eventsImplications of shortterm and longterm consequencesResearch done in this areaClinical ImplicationsWHAT IS STRESSexternal influence that alters homeostatic balance3 separate components1stressor2stress response3pathophysiological sequelae that occursStress is a response NOT something that happens to usStressors are everywhere but dont necessarily lead to stress Eustressorsdistressoror neutraldo not lead to a stress response unless we change them into either positive or negative ie You enjoy communicating with elderly patients therefore this is not a stressor but rather a neutral effect ie Just before you meet an elderly patient and your clinical teacher will be giving you feedback you will change this perception from a neutral tostressor Stressors come from sourcesinclude external env stimuli or personal perception StimuliperceptionresponseShort term responses are similar to long term responsesStressors are categorized in 3 factors 1Quantityorin too short period of time that it is difficult to adapt ie new job family members ill movingTogether these stressors add to the overall load of accumulation 2QualityMajor change affecting a smalllarge number of ppl ie war economic depressionie divorce daily chores3Durationacute or timelimited ie job interview sequential or many changes that follow an event like divorce chronicintermittent ie periodic arguments w spouse or children chronic in nature ie permanent disability or family strife which persists in long period of time 1A person may have multiple stressors with multiple types that vary durations INDIVIDUAL JUDGEMENTConscious appraisal Demandresource imbalancePpl are NOT passive victims of stressful forces BUT are thinking and feeling who are capable of change Challenges persons ability to copePHYSIOLOGICAL RESPONSEExample of mindbody connection1 PerceptionEmotions lead to hormonal release responses to life events like depression anxiety excitement stress response 2 Hormones involvedGlucocorticoid mainly cortisolMineralocorticoid mainly aldosterone Catecholmines epinephrine norepinephrine and a bit of dopamine 3 ConsequencesAutonomic implications hormonal effects etcEXAMPLE OF STRESSORSTrauma surgery temp extremes disasters medications chemo malnutrition pain prolongedexercise new born baby new job life events grief medical issuesBefore 2
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