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Final exam

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Peace Studies
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1 Final exam A 2 short answers (10 pts each) B 2 short answers (10) C 2 short answers (10) D One essay (40) Based on class discussions and the text, write an essay on how the world religions travelled through different phases in history and how they can eventually become agents of world peace. -- Short answer questions Intl law – readddddd To keep world united, use peace and intl law and order Intl law + observance of human rights Intl law – rule of law, set of laws, governed by UN, only hope for rule of intl law where you can restraint nations and promote a lawful and peaceful and predictable world Enforcement of intl law will always be a challenge Human rights – see lec notes!!!!! 1 gen human rights 2gen rd 3 gen Challenges in enforcing human rights Cultural relativism vs universalism Cr: major powers try to impose their own culture and belief system on others 2 Ie womens rights, gender rights, or spanking a child, acceptable or not depending on where Economic globalism and human rights Eg: made task of enforcing human rights difficult State sovereignty vs Ss: state is soverign, no either state or govt can intervene otherwise its a violation f the sovereignty of nation Intervention on ground of humanitarian consideration is okay=human rights -- Liberation theology Originated in latin America Religion is not there to make ppl obedient or regimented..not to make society subservient to one religion Lt is a social gospel where social sensitivities of Christ are discussed Object of compassion, health Lt came from joint venture of pastors, priests, bishops that said the poor need to be helped Also contains concept of martin luther king His concept “social sin”: segregation of whites from blacks, economic oppression, war making Concept of just war by st. Agustine...aka Christian realism Religion binds society together..constructive aspect Jihad – religious warfare, means struggle, can have positive meaning, you are fighting internally against your base desires ie you want to get back at someone but you know not to because it’s wrong, the courage to question authority, question of the nation Vs fasad – violent quarrel, dispute P236+237 of text Turned from lesser jihad to a greater jihad, the jihad of the soul 3 Jihad also stands for pilmigrage Do not comit aggression for god does not love agressors These are guidelines are warfare according to geneva convention Islam does not endorse suicide bombers (it’s a political case not a jihad although they call it that) Hindu religion Bhavard gita – old scripture, g
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