PHILOS 1B03 Study Guide - Final Guide: Stanford Encyclopedia Of Philosophy, A Theory Of Justice, Civil Disobedience

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1 or 2 sentences explaining concepts and 3 for significance. Explain the following concepts and its significance: Rawls - a theory of justice: original position (stanford encyclopedia philosophy) a society that is (a) effectively regulated by a public conception of justice and (b) whose members understand and give allegiance to this public conception. Moreover, a third condition, (c), holds: it is common knowledge among all members of society that a and b hold. He wants to know how people live without political institutions to figure out how justice can be properly distributed. He"s trying to find what people should agree to in a social contract. It was based on morals and supported by reason: theory of justice is based on constructionism. He had to base it on morals and base it with reason. Since it is hypothetical, the position can change from person to person: significancce- veil of ignorance (there are.