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PHILOS 2N03 Study Guide - Fall 2018, Comprehensive Midterm Notes -

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Fall 2018

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Jennifer Szende
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Fall 2018
Philosophy 2N03 Business Ethics - Dr. Jennifer Szende
Office: UH 302
Office Hours: Tuesday 10:30-11:30
Sheryl Sandberg
- Most recognizable person in empowering roles (female empowerment?)
- Has been sexually harassed but never by someone of immediate within her colleague
- #MeToo movement building up
- Created a FB post that policies create opportunities for sexual harassment
Sandberg Quote:
- Clear about it being a workplace responsibility (rules of discipline)
- Sexual harassment does not consequently happen
- Business is a social structured institute where the rules of engagement are defined by
norms, thus the way you behave in business is according to a set of rules not given as
explicitly as the quote (rules)
- Rules are enforced, a convention (ex. Dress code) rules are come to an understanding
point between people
- Some rules may be more difficult to define what the rules of engagement are (internal
and external engagements/socialization)
- Time consuming to step back from a situation and explain the explicit rules, social
norms, checks and balances in a social sense
- Goal: building a business culture where rules are clear, where the culture and climate
are open as possible, rules are in place to govern when something is wrong
Chris MacDonald Quote:
- Chris has spoken about both people and institutions
- An idea in ethics and politics, people gather together to act as an institution but then
going onward to act as an individual
- Difficulty (dilemma) between acting as an individual (own behalf) or acting on behalf on
the corporation/institution
- Working to restructure the corporation to avoid the situation again (reference starbucks
Duska - Busiess Ethis: Ooro or Good Busiess?
- Good business can be in conflict simply with the idea of being good
find more resources at
find more resources at
- Good Business and ethics can conflict
- If the function and purpose of business is solely to increase profits, or solely a pursuit of
self-iterest, the good usiess ill ot e orall good
- Duska refers to Botto lie opia, fous o the goal of ireasig profits ad
nothing else
- The idea of good is content specific (ex, good cup of coffee, good piece of music, good
action, doing the right thing)
- Beig a good ____  is ariale depending on the particular focus
- Good business may have a different meaning from doing good, or ethical choice
- Meaning of good changes
Good business:
- Serving the needs of others
- Environmentally conscious
find more resources at
find more resources at

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