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EXAM Preparation Package PHYSICS 1B03

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Karen Hughes

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McMaster SOS Students Offering Support1B03 Physics Mechanics and WavesReview Package Thank you for your support If interested in getting involved as a volunteer with McMaster SOS contact infomcmastersoscomKinematics Motion Diagrams VectorsVector quantityA quantity that specifies a magnitude as well as a direction Scalar quantityA quantity that specifies just the magnitude Distancethe physical distance traveled by a particle Displacementthe difference in the final position and the initial position of the particle SpeedThe distance traveled per unit time speedtotal distancetotal timea scalar quantity VelocityThe change in displacement with respect to time ie v a vector quantity Acceleration a vector quantityKinematic Equationsrelates velocity acceleration time and displacement ONLY IF acceleration is constantv v atORavv tfinal initialfinalinitial2dvt05at initialfinalinitial22vv2ad finalinitial 2 The acceleration due to gravity a980 msg The position vs time graph velocity vs time graph and acceleration vs time graph are relatedThe slope or derivative of the position vs time graph is the velocity vs time graph And the derivative of the velocity is the acceleration vs time graph 0tA v is therefore a straight increasing line a t is therefore a straight positive line tt ABis increasing but at a constant rate v is therefore a straight positive line a is therefore a straight line at zero tt BCis increasing but at a decreasing rate v is therefore a straight decreasing line a is therefore a straight negative line t t C D v is still a straight decreasing line but touches 0 at t Da is still a straight negative line ttDE v is a straight decreasing line a is a straight negative line until t Ett EF v starts to increase but is still negative until tFaspikes to a positive straight line then returns to 0Motion DiagramsThe interval of time is the same for each new added picture of the car eg The first car is at t 0 sec the second car is at t1 sec the third car is at t 2 sec and so onIn figure a the space between each car is the same and since the time intervals are the same the velocity whichdisplacementtime is constantIn figure b the distance between each car is getting larger so the velocity is increasing The acceleration of the car which is defined as the velocitytime remains constant and IN THE SAME DIRECTION as the velocity because the change in velocity is positiveIn figure c the distance between each car is getting smaller so the velocity is decreasing The acceleration remains constant however this time its in the opposite direction of the velocity because the change in velocity is negative
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