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Political Science
Todd Alway

6 out of the 11 questions will be on the exam 1 3 4 5 7 9 You need read the assigned readings + class notes... What pros and cons has he asked in class? How to prepare: - Notes on avenue (starting point) - Lecture notes that provide detail to the small little overhead - PBL exercise Format: - Exam is scheduled for 3 hours - These are fairly sophisticated questions - You should be writing for three hours. 1 hour per question Use: - Pen instead of pencil - Write on every other line is writing is messy Question 1: YES - Power has been divided into different institutions - What is the power of the power of the parliament, judiciary and crown? - Is it good for Canada to have power divided in so many hands? Question 2: - Explore structure of IMF … - Anarchy means there is no ONE world government - Politics between states makes it fundamentally different than… - Outcomes in the international realm... why is stuff happening... - You can determine these by looking at state... - Check voice memo… - Does realism in fact have the right answer Question 3: YES - Separation (sovereignty) – object of Quebec - These questions are really political - We saw this 1995 referendum – The question was not even clear. It could have been interpreted in a number of different ways - Under what circumstances can a province succeed? - The clarity was passed – these are all the things we expect to see --- voice of province in the referendum - Show that you understand the debate - Make sure you understand what the debate is actually about Question 4: WILL BE PUT ON - What is section 33 of the charter? What is about? = The notwithstanding clause - The government cannot infringe upon those rights… except when they use section one to do so - Explore the debate: should we empower the courts to overrule dem
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