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Political Science
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Robert O' Brien

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Global Political Economy Exam Review 2014-04-10 8:59 PM 5 OUT 10 SHORTS ANSWERES • 30% • Identify and give significance and relate back to course 2 OUT 7 ESSAYS • 70% o introduction , argument, outline , relating to readings and lectures o use examples o conclude with implication Theories of GPE Nationalist LIBERAL MARXIST Hegemony theory Dependency Comparative advantage History/Evolution Triangular trade Industrial revolution Gold standard Imperialism Colonialism Cold war Globalization Dynamics Trade finance Production global division of labour Ideas • information society • Washington consensus • Intellectual property rights o HIV , Bio prospecting Gender Environment development Securities How does environment effect development • not only economic growth • what development is , more than economic growth , social indicators How does hegemony effect global development • If one country is so powerful , it effects everything Impact on TNC on global south • Exploitation of the south and resources • Dependency theory • Comparative advantage Dependency theory on developing states Compare theories • Critical , global financial crisis Division of labour beneficial or not • Specialization of labour • gender trade finance and production 1. GPE Perspective • Economic Nationalist • Liberal • Critical • Origins o What occurred o What they were reaching to • Actors o Who were the actors that were stressed and emphasized • Dynamics • Conflict and cooperation o Conflicts they saw , and what were there views • Variants o Different type of liberalism o Embed liberalism o Neo-liberalism • Application o Comparative advantage with relation to liberal theory o Gender and feminist theory 2. Evolution • European Expansion (1400-1800) • Industrial Revolution (1800-1914) • 20 thcentury (1914-2004) 3 .dynamics • Trade • Production • Labour • Gender • Finance • Development • Environment • Ideas • Security o Organized security • Governance o How ppl rule Exam Structure – 3hr exam • Short Answers Section 5 of 10 1/3 of mark (1hr) • Essay Section 2 of 7 35 +35 (2hr , 1hr each) • Chapter Quiz on website Part A • Identify the person, concept even or entity and briefly explain its/their significant for the study of global political economy. From the list of ten below, you must answer five worth 6 marks each . Avoid overlap between these answers and your answer in part b • Write no less than two and no more than three paragraphs for each answer • Can no write the same thing in short and long questions • First thing o Identify the person, concept , even or entity and briefly explain its /their significance for the study of global po
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