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John W Seaman

Political Theory November 4 2011 lecture 16JOHN LOCKEliberal political theory liberalism kind of thought Locke developed foundation for modern western liberal society Has directlyindirectly understand the role of the constitution role of political institutions political life moral outlook etcliberalism L argues that it is connected by the defense of inalienable rightsnaturalhuman Also entails the right to resist regimes and overthrow them by force violent resistance defense of doctrine by consent involves the defense of legally limited government defense of emerging capitalist market economythfirst systematic formulation of liberalism came from the 17 century including Hobbes streformulated and updated by Adam smith JS mill etc 2021 century furtherRousseau socialism fascism Marxism feminism postmodern outlook decay impending death of liberalism 2 centuriesremains rooted in our culturethdid not emerged to dominance until 17 century England and Holland and also to nonEuropean societyemerged as a revolution to early political philosophy political and social thinking was the tradition seen in Plato and Moore Aristotle it was a revolt against political theory in the past and the feudal society hierarchical societysurfs etcfeudal society did not allow much social mobility or opportunity for affluencethis society began slowly and integrated thin 1314 century and was gradually replaced by capitalist market economy parliamentary institutions liberty and freedom of religionliberalism associated itself with these changesdefense of capitalist market economy and ProtestantismLs work is influential in the emergence of liberal democracyletter concerning Second treatise of government widely read both in England and American colonies a century after publication 1776 we hold these truths to be self evidentetc no doubt where the source was or where it came from Paragraph 6 teaches all man king being equal and independent no one ought toL had massive influence on American revolution and liberal republic in the US also had indirect influence of Canadian Charter of Rightsthese revisions in Canadian constitutions sought to ensure certain freedoms speech assembly mobility etc doctrine of private property concept that all legitimate government is of consent and limits of the power of government alienable rightswe will be dealing with doctrine of natural freedom and equality analysis and defense of private property treatment of the family treatment of foundationlimits of political authorityquestionshow would you justify the right for some people to rule othersmore knowledge granted right through consent force compassionproper interests at heart for the peoplepolitical experience birthright religionGodly rule the less Godly etcargument for superiority of moral virtue utopia nobility of blood standard argument used by aristocratic Nobles superiority over ethnic backgroundnone of these arguments are just for Lockehe rejects basis of unequal natural right of some people to rule others against Filmer rooted in unusualversion of Christianity Adam and Everight to rule over right and childrenhad dominion from God to ruleright over lives liberty property of subjects divine rights of kingsit was influential in Lockes dayhe rejects it forcefully rejects any notion of preordained right to rule over others rather from God moral virtue Nobility of bloodfor Locke there is no natural right to rule othersif God grants authority to rule if it is not legitimatehow can you justify political structures governments a right to rulewhat would make the right to rule legitimate in Lockes eye Imagine a deserted pilot scenario if the plane crashed we survived but the authorities of the plane got separated from us we managed to get on shore to the deserted islandwe would be free from political authority of other peoplefigure out whether we need rules do we need political authority at allLocke argues we do need ithow do we think of laws and who gets to rule P 4 doctrine of equal natural freedomLocke argues that to understand political power right and derive it from its original consider the state of men perfect freedom dispose of people as they see fit etcequality power of jurisdiction is reciprocal unless the lord and master by any declaration set one above another by appointment to dominion and sovenertyspell out what the principle of equal natural freedom is for politics economy private properly family and for the politics itselfwhy begin with natural equal freedom principle
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