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Bernice Downey

Meech, Oka, Charlottetown, Nass and Ottawa Chapter 15, J.R. Miller Key Concepts and Events: Final Extinguishment- federal government insistence of a provision in which a settlement include a clause saying that it ended forever all claims concerning territory. Concerns surrounding this stemmed from the possibility in which future generations would not benefit from their Aboriginal rights Quality of life for on-reserve Indigenous peoples: 1998 Indian Affairs study concluded the application of UN criteria to on-reserve Indigenous peoples did not equate to the average Canadian quality of life but rather Brazilian standard. Comparable to a “third world country” during a time in which Canadians and government proclaimed Canada to be “the best country in the world”. The relationship between land claims and natural resource exploitation: The Lubicon Lake Cree Case and Temagami Ontario- Both claims “missed” by treaty makers in the 1800s, while both bands attempted to claim their entitlements which would have been appropriated if treaties had been formed. The relationship between resource exploitation and “development” of the area, as well as the role of government in determining the validity of claims within the greater context of resource monopolization must be considered. The complexity and lengthiness of negotiations as well as language used by government officials in addressing claim resolutions coincide with government attitudes toward claimants. The Validity of Oral History- disputes surrounding the validity and applicability of oral history (Delgamuuukw Case). The Gitksan victory in an appeal from the Supreme Court of British Columbia also included the “expansive” definition of Aboriginal title: “Aboriginal title encompasses the right to exclusive use and occupation of the land held pursuant to that title for a variety of purposes, which need not be aspects of those Aboriginal practices, customs and traditions which are integral to distinctive Aboriginal cultures...Aboriginal title is a right to the land itself” The Pines
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