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Catherine Frost

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DE BEAUVOIRThe topic divides the class that no other has before women v menwomenism rational hysterical and trapped in the homeromney equality of women bindersidea of women as a rational other why you need binders to find capable womenlike Foucault she focuses on the power relations in the homeit turns out that femininity is similar to madness almost a form of insanity because it is constructive projected and it is manipulated it is a practiceall of this becomes part of constructing a system of truth gender has regimes of truthQ sometimes when it doesnt fit with our cognitive framework we stop thinking about it Romney had to have a binder with qualified women in it He said it because it was endemic in the society he was in it made sense for these people because capable qualified women is exotic a little unusual Hilary Clinton how does this come to be and how does this have power in a society where women run businesses and are in positions of authority and we still have difficulty seeing themQ qualified ministers in a cabinet RomneyDB feminine womenliz taylormarilyn Monroeaudrey Hepprincess Dianamichelle O lady gagaoprahwhen you are looking for feminity people are drawing on attributes you have and playing them up Martha S is a successful business woman and could run a show on how to do this but she doesnt shes a home makerhilary Clinton when she was running in first presidential election she made comment about not staying home and baking cookies which was what Barbara bush didshe was criticizedthe campaign was suffering because Hilary C didnt like cookingshe hadcome up with a home made cookies and show off she didnt mean itshe couldnt get to where she was unless she said she liked baking you can be out there and be many things but the expectations of feminity has certain qualities to it Need to operate through these structuresprojections of gender Foucault taught us you cannot make a label for one goup without the other masculinity is the product of femininity one of the things DB says about women she talks about women projected category not real women as ego boundlady gaga talks about herselfbody centre were they attractive Women as being conscious of their own bodies and being more in touch than men Women are closer to the natural order of things birth home maker etc Shut up in her home maybe people think twice about taking their feminity out of home and into public setting it is exotic she talks about women shut up in her home in her house coat singing to herselftrying to get at the image of femininity the feminine women label is where it exists non public setting doing private thingspassage a women revels in immense contrary no sense ofshe is false self seekingshe believes makes rightconservativeinstead of reasoning she dreamslacks sense of rational she has been taught to overestimate the power of her
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