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Political Science
Catherine Frost

MarcusethDifference between our lives and people in the mid 19 centurythink about the industrial revolution Weber discussedwork degradinglow wageshorrible conditionsno labour lawsmachinesforceddue to lack of work no choicealienatedpopulation shift flooded out of countryside and into cities they were cramming them into buildingswhy didnt the revolution happenMarx didnt expect that the middle class would appeardidnt think capitalists would come up with the welfare state we ended up with a world that is comfortable for freedom from want More control over our lives more material comfort more autonomy Life was straightforward back then we have choices now cars living areas careersweve done a lot better of this era revolution didnt happen because we had a good handle on thisMarcuse argues yes we have a more comfortable and productive society that can produce enough to meet material needs of all society Marcuse sees this as the cost of doing this and the way it has turned out has made us victims of the system the people in the IR had more hope than we do currentlythey had an opportunity to notice that this is mad but in modern day we dont see the system of oppression that are organizing our livessystem of domination more than Marxs era more grim picturewhy should we see our society as a net loss for freedom And the reason Marcuse says is IR they could see their oppression directly we dont get to see that and we are swept up into this system more effectively logically of the system Weber because it makes sense it producesone of the first freedoms we give up is freedom of thought it becomes irrational to question the society Things like freedom of thought the kind of enlightenment everyone should think for themselves and run their own lives this idea is recentthis came out so we can critique the systems we live under and cause change which did happen but eventually that isnt necessary anymoreeventually the freedom of thought is no longer functional for the system and we need to neutralize this and get people comfortable beginning of chapter independence thought and autonomy deprived of basic critical function reason they are deprived is because we have a society that is capable of meeting needs by the way it works it is producing things it is irrational to question it Its okay to talk about little changes within the system elect different party but you dont change the system of govtwhy How did you get to where you are today The system It works and pays off so it can justly demand acceptance of its principleswith this success of system we have to work within the systemwe seek reforms within set of assumptions democratic capitalists is there somethingslightly better out there You would be nuts to think this Marcuse thinks in this very logicis a war a kind of act of war and whats at war is the system with the whole society living beings the system of liberal democratic capitalism is at war with us war against liberation
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