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Catherine Frost

Political Science 3CC3 lecture 2 September 12 2012thend of history somewhere around the 19century that is what they believed The end ththof history is a common theme in the 1819 century Hegels idea was history was unfolding over time yielding new concepts and in his mind all ideas and concepts came together this seemed to be the end of history But after Hegel was Marx turned Hegel on his head Marx thought that was the end of historyththis was the period and thinking that starts the 20 century end of God religion was the opiate of the masses end of science rational humanismreadings were regarding end of history that was taken apart of the structures of philosophy and the world as we knew it This is where Nich came in these concepts are about to be destroyed and when clearing the desks he is setting out the problems that they had what you had that made you understand yourself and politics what happens when it is gone Politics had the rug pulled over it three concepts regarding Nichmetaphysics transcendent morality Cartesian self traditional founded political authority but ran into problemswe should see traces of these concepts in your own thinking these concepts are importantmetaphysicsdo you believe that there are any fundamental truths about the world or people in itwe existphysicsegoselfishwe thinkwe dieconflicttranscendent moralityif you could find something that was a truth about how we should be nature etc are these truths the same for all people at all times If we can figure these things out should we make sure that everyone else follows these rules Should we be spreading our enlightenmentprocess of creating useful knowledgewomens rightshuman rightsCartesian selfare you the same person you were when you were 10mature educatedexperiencebiologicalconsciousnessself aware
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