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Catherine Frost

RAWLSJustice as fairnessoHow do you do the right thing when there is no right answer Just had Berlin saying there isnt just one right way of doing itoBelieve it or not R has an answeroSiginificant about his work takes on two principles that are normally quite different to reconcile equality and freedom N talks about freedom dont worry about this value but equality isnt concern or someone like marx who is good with equality but not individual freedom rather than collective freedomoR account of liberal freedom which is tricky around equality issues but integrates the two of themoQuestion why do some people do better in life than othersWork hardsmarter motivated born into moneyskilltalent opportunity chanceluck depends on the perspective of what you deem is better lifeberlin this you are doing it to make you happy because you failBuddhist cunning immoral solid parents self esteem Are all of those things fair reasons that some people do better in life than othersIt is just as messed up as we think the world and we should try How do you actually create an equal society Once we give up fairness we give up social contract and we are in the state of nature and have degression oR give answer to this massive puzzleHe brought social contract theory back from the dead hobbeslockrousseauBrought the debate of liberalism and egalitarianism to life they debated conditions of l and e and didnt talk to each otherthey were one sidedHe put l and e back togetherKeep in mind his idea is in the realm of ideal theory idealits not an abstraction or pure account of how we live but a thought experiment to clarify how we are living they are abstractions Aim find a way to specifcy basis for social cooperation that honours the terms that someone like N sets up there is no metaphyics in this operation no transcendent moral order how Starts from this point the definition of society depends on how you define society you can produce another account cooperative venture for mutual advantage R def of society if you see society any other way you have a different theory of justicewhen you define it this way we all have something that is in our own advantage not trying to remove this we all have our own interests and can disagree with them berlin we all see things different but the problem is there will be disagreement in this society because we may agree we want mutual advantage but we wont agree on what the mutual advantrage is we will bee procedural justice to get over this difficulty and get to point of advantage pluralism problem
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