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Final exam part 1/2

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Political Science
Catherine Frost

THEMESIssues of truthNietzscheometaphysicsdualism real v apparent worldGod is deadno metaphysical world that is holding deep conceptstruthsHoax become a metaphysical artist and make your own meaningoTranscendent moralityValuesconcepts are context dependent if truth is made and not discovered you cannot have transcendent moralityoCartesian SelfIn order to punish we assume the CSin order to persecute assume same person ex transgenderedoError of false causalityUncomfortable truth life is random and meaningless ex Pearson Airport BabyoError of imaginary causesWhat we invent as truth and the cause God hoax on ourselvesEqualityDB are women equaloNo women are not equaloChallenges the concept of fair justice the context was not fair to being withPrivate sphere is a powerfree zone any way you act is irrationalHoax women are confronted more immediately with fraudulent nature of justice men are not familiar with the hoaxoNeed to recognize hoax of justice in order to change itwomen cannot be made over unless society has first made her really equal of manowomen are not born they are madeshe is a product of thes
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