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FInal exam part 2/2

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McMaster University
Political Science
Catherine Frost

Final Exam Review7301030 exam on Wednesday T28formattips3hours46 essay questionsbest way to test someones understanding is not to ask you to regurgitate the knowledge but to use it and apply it At this stage you shouldnt be restating it but using the ideas to answer questions we did not necessarily take up in the courseapply issues and discuss them thoroughlyquestions are more openendedthis is a problem with politics and apply it to two of the theoristsbe selective Some theorists will be easier to discuss with that topic than others this doesnt mean you better pick Marcuse because sometimes you can pick a theorist and it works skill identify certain topics with certain theoristscould compare and contrast theorists when you make an argument it is a product of giving good evidence which are true claims when you make argument the evidence you use is the theorists own writing if you say berlin like value pluralism you support evidence for itanswer the question read carefully avoid brain dump selectivity do an outline and pick pieces that are evidence to the argument legibility and writing skillsit needs to make sense dont focus too much on the intro just kind of jump into it focus and make sensesample exam questionsdeliver a nietzche argument for leaving school OR Oakshott for staying in school Nietzche leave schoolcant find truth in school but through your owneducation domesticates us key wordfit for public service frawn upon thisbeing educated by people who were educated rather best educators are those who were never educatedyou are your own metaphysical artist make your own truthswhy doesnt N want you to go to school Because I dont want to Dont give an answer It is my choice Once you give reasons you are buying into the fact you need reasons not to do somethingOakshott stay schooleducation is a way of traditional rulestools political history connects to capable citizenmore capable as political citizensbe thankful for established knowledge and add to it gratitude attending to general arraignments of people that choice or chance broughtinnovation in your lifepolitics no blank state get equipped and teaches you what it is about
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